Wednesday 22 April 2015

Watch HBO Now in the UK for free*

TL;DR head to netflix-proxy on GitHub or subscribe to Unzoner VPN service to un-block:

Apple slashed the price of their Apple TVs to £59 in the UK to coincide? with the release of HBO Now on the same. However, unfortunately the app is only available on the US Apple TVs.

So what about all the people in the Old World, eager to purchase a subscription and watch quality HBO programming?

Such conversations go something like this:
customer: "HBO, please take my UK pounds!"
HBO: "Sorry, we can't, but we would *really* like to?"

So to help HBO take your UK £'s, here is how:

  1. Create your own US mail drop address (e.g.[n1]
  2. Create iTunes US Store account with your US postal address
  3. Purchase iTunes US gift card (e.g.
  4. Load your gift card onto the iTunes account
  5. Change your ATV to use your US account and switch stores (in settings)
  6. Configure geo-bypass for HBO Now (e.g.[n2]
  7. Enjoy!

[1] You now have an official (and legal) US postal address to use for correspondence.

[2] This is a Netflix-proxy-in-a-box solution I put together using open source software and Docker hosted on Digital Ocean. It will work just the same, as long as you add to the relevant config files along side

edit /opt/netflix-proxy/data/sniproxy.conf and add:

table {
    .*\.hbonow\.com *
    hbonow\.com *

edit /opt/netflix-proxy/data/zones.override and add:

zone "" {
    type master;
    file "/data/db.override";

restart Docker containers:

# docker restart bind sniproxy